Jabardast Jodi (Vara Prasad And Potti Prasad) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie| Srinivas Avasarala, Vijay Sai

Two men are in love with a beautiful woman residing in their neighborhood. They desperately try to win her over in various ways.
Movie :- Jabardast Jodi (Vara Prasad And Potti Prasad)
Starcast :- Srinivas Avasarala, Vijay Sai, Raghu Babu, Karriena Shah, Priya Ahuja
Directed By :- Satya Varanasi
Music By :- Sai Karthik
#JabardastJodi #VaraPrasadAndPottiPrasad #SrinivasAvasarala #VijaySai
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  1. Rim


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  2. Afzal Fiha

    Afzal Fiha

    4 일 전

    3rd class Actors,story Don't waste your valuable time in this sh*t

  3. aaffu shaikh

    aaffu shaikh

    18 일 전

    Dumb and dumber movie Hollywood first time south indian copied from Hollywood movies

  4. Yunisha Karki

    Yunisha Karki

    19 일 전

    If you saw that at 7:00 you are jinious The girl shows fiddle finger at 7:00 😂😂😂😁

  5. BK Sarwa _05

    BK Sarwa _05

    19 일 전

    Best movie 🎥

  6. saad atif

    saad atif

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  7. Ashish Singh

    Ashish Singh

    21 일 전

    Nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye... gadhe

  8. Jumbo Sweet

    Jumbo Sweet

    21 일 전

    Tatti movie h dimag kharb ho gya esa dekha ke

  9. Satish Chauhan

    Satish Chauhan

    22 일 전

    Bakwas movie time west

  10. SS [Suraj Singh]

    SS [Suraj Singh]

    22 일 전

    jo bhi ho Movie dekh ke maza aa gya😀

  11. Keshab Robi Das

    Keshab Robi Das

    23 일 전

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  12. Desai Sahir

    Desai Sahir

    23 일 전

    होलिवुड मुवी डम एन्ड डम्बर की कोपी लग रही है।

  13. black Maurya

    black Maurya

    23 일 전

    Worst movie ever

  14. haider ali

    haider ali

    23 일 전

    us ki new movie kb ay gi kb upload kro gy ganduo bta b do kb sy intzr kr rhy jb dkho purani dalty rhty hindi dubbed krny ma itna time kyu lgta bhosri k haramio jldi ni kr skty goldmines telefilms

  15. haider ali

    haider ali

    23 일 전

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  16. Lata Hurakadli

    Lata Hurakadli

    24 일 전

    Bakwas movie

  17. Two Shot

    Two Shot

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  18. Two Shot

    Two Shot

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  19. RJ Jaan Status

    RJ Jaan Status

    24 일 전

    Bakwaas movie hai koi logic nHi hai

  20. Jhanak Raj Joshi

    Jhanak Raj Joshi

    24 일 전

    Love for nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  21. Free FireY.B

    Free FireY.B

    24 일 전

    I 4u

  22. shivam srivastava

    shivam srivastava

    24 일 전

    worst movie

  23. Yusuf Saffy

    Yusuf Saffy

    24 일 전

    Bakwas hai pura time waste Aisi movie upload hi kyu krte or is channel pe aisi movie ki ummid nhi rhti hai

  24. Akshay Thakur

    Akshay Thakur

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  25. Kazi Arman

    Kazi Arman

    24 일 전

    baler move

  26. Chavhan Gaming

    Chavhan Gaming

    25 일 전

    Movie keasi he chodkar baki sare bate kar rahe he chutiya sale

  27. James Tamang

    James Tamang

    25 일 전

    People who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years, God bless u and u r family 😇❤️

  28. Mohd Rihan

    Mohd Rihan

    25 일 전

    Aur koe bkvas movie ho to vo bhi daal do 🤣🤣🤣

  29. A k Hunter

    A k Hunter

    25 일 전

    Abcd movie

  30. Alias Entertain

    Alias Entertain

    25 일 전

    Comedy movies 😉😜

  31. Tarek Islam

    Tarek Islam

    25 일 전

    Is movie se 10 guna jyada views amitbadana ka naya vedio he😄

  32. Shreyas Patel

    Shreyas Patel

    25 일 전

    Pagal log..aur pagal aur ghatiya movie

  33. Mehak Narula

    Mehak Narula

    25 일 전

    Bahut maza aa rha h.

  34. Mehak Narula

    Mehak Narula

    25 일 전

    Very comedy movie.

  35. Samit Senapati

    Samit Senapati

    25 일 전

    What a commedy movie 😂😂

  36. Mehak Narula

    Mehak Narula

    25 일 전

    Omg love this movie a lot.

  37. Mehak Narula

    Mehak Narula

    25 일 전

    Very happy.

  38. Mehak Narula

    Mehak Narula

    25 일 전

    Nice comedy movie.

  39. B Jyoti entertainment

    B Jyoti entertainment

    25 일 전

    mast movie .like deke jao

  40. Beast


    25 일 전

    Pushpa movie is uploaded on my channel

  41. Rajesh Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar

    25 일 전

    Kya bakwaas movie ha neend a gayi dekh dekh kar

  42. Saya Jabeen

    Saya Jabeen

    25 일 전

    It's like I'm watching Hollywood dumb&dumber movie in hindi 😂

  43. viral video 11

    viral video 11

    25 일 전

    Must movie hai 👌

  44. GIDIYAN Warner

    GIDIYAN Warner

    25 일 전

    Kn he ye hero

  45. ss music Ramji kumar

    ss music Ramji kumar

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  46. Sanju vs vindu

    Sanju vs vindu

    25 일 전

    Super se upar to duper movie

  47. Rajesh kumar

    Rajesh kumar

    25 일 전

    movie thik hain

  48. Rahat Khan 07

    Rahat Khan 07

    25 일 전

    I like u move

  49. hytjj liu

    hytjj liu

    25 일 전

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  50. Lets Pomp

    Lets Pomp

    25 일 전

    please use subtitle! If you use subtitle, your budget may not be increased🥺

  51. Movie Star

    Movie Star

    25 일 전

    Super movie

  52. Sweety kumari

    Sweety kumari

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    • Ajeet Meena Nadbai bharatpur

      Ajeet Meena Nadbai bharatpur

      23 일 전

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  53. Bolly To bolly

    Bolly To bolly

    25 일 전

    Ye movie kesi hai ? (a) best (b) bad (c) romantic (b) action

  54. Ramnaresh Verma

    Ramnaresh Verma

    25 일 전

    Very good movie

  55. sIngh Boy'S

    sIngh Boy'S

    26 일 전

    jay bazrang

  56. Andrea de la O

    Andrea de la O

    26 일 전

    *Great movie* 🌹👌🌹

  57. Shailend XX.

    Shailend XX.

    26 일 전

    Movie ke bare main comment karo,, अंग्रेज ke pota - potiyon

  58. Bhojpuri music

    Bhojpuri music

    26 일 전

    Time best mat kro Bakwas movi

  59. Shaad Ansari

    Shaad Ansari

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    • Ram Rabari

      Ram Rabari

      25 일 전

      @SK MD YAKUB me bhi bro



      25 일 전

      Main b yr main bhut bada fan ho allu arjun sir ka main b wait kar rahay ho⁰

  60. lunaticbalouch1


    26 일 전

    It's like I'm watching Hollywood dumb&dumber movie in hindi 😂

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      Russian music videos with English translation

      25 일 전


  61. skksurendar dancer

    skksurendar dancer

    26 일 전


  62. Anand Baske

    Anand Baske

    26 일 전

    Dumb and dumner movie ka copy hai.

  63. Faujiya Khanam

    Faujiya Khanam

    26 일 전

    Sab ko chance milna chahiye achi movie hai

  64. Md Ashraful Alam

    Md Ashraful Alam

    26 일 전

    No one has done a bad job in this bad movie project, dubbing such a bad movie will make your reputation worse.

  65. Mohd Rihan

    Mohd Rihan

    26 일 전

    RRR movie

  66. amit SAINI

    amit SAINI

    26 일 전

    Copy of dumb and dumbers movie😂

  67. Khan Khan

    Khan Khan

    26 일 전

    Who is watching in 2022

  68. Kishor Thore ///

    Kishor Thore ///

    26 일 전

    Kon kon movies download karke dekhta hai 😀😀😀

  69. Nilesh Rock

    Nilesh Rock

    26 일 전

    Fully pagal panti movie hai 😂😁😂🤘👌 inki Dosti bhi kamal ki hai 😉😉

  70. roasted guddu gk

    roasted guddu gk

    26 일 전

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  71. Singh Kartik

    Singh Kartik

    26 일 전

    30:52 Lol 😂 the way he took out the guy’s heart ❤️

  72. Chandan Kumar

    Chandan Kumar

    26 일 전

    Life is beautiful 👍

  73. Chandan Kumar

    Chandan Kumar

    26 일 전

    Now you know! no one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you. .

    • Two Shot

      Two Shot

      24 일 전

      Killer instinct is to resume watching and

    • Umesh Sen

      Umesh Sen

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      Ravi Singh

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      Kef khan Kef rahuma

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      @Ravi Singh राजस्थान से है भाई बाड़मेर

    • Ravi Singh

      Ravi Singh

      24 일 전

      @Kef khan Kef rahuma mai BIHAR, vaishali district se hun... Ye Barmer kahan hai...

    • Kef khan Kef rahuma

      Kef khan Kef rahuma

      24 일 전

      @Ravi Singh कहां से हो भाई आप मैं बाड़मेर से हूं

    • Ravi Singh

      Ravi Singh

      24 일 전

      @Kef khan Kef rahuma han...

  75. Biju Lama

    Biju Lama

    26 일 전

    Hey vagwan mujhe apnose bachaow Dusman se mai khud ladlunga

  76. PK Green Village

    PK Green Village

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    Nice movie 🎥🎥🎥

  77. Sanjana Yadav

    Sanjana Yadav

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    Watched this movie before 😂😂🙄

    • Tech Chandan

      Tech Chandan

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  78. Maku_Artwork


    26 일 전

    Big fan Dhanush sir 😍😍

  79. movie super dhamaka

    movie super dhamaka

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  80. 4th gamer

    4th gamer

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    Goldmine telifilm mai apka chenal ka bhut bora fan hu

  81. Malati Banua

    Malati Banua

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    Bollywood sey jyda south lover Like

  82. Status King

    Status King

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    ठीक ठाक है timepaas

  83. V.P music mixing

    V.P music mixing

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    जनसंख्या इतनी बढ़ गई है अपने देश में... की लोग रूठने पे रिश्ता ही बदल लेते हैं..😆😂



    26 일 전

    New Hindi Dubbed Movie Trailer



      23 일 전

      @धार का दिवाना Nahin aaygi

    • धार का दिवाना

      धार का दिवाना

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      Kabh ayega

  85. moin qureshi

    moin qureshi

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    Goldmins telefilms please thadaka returns movie please upload karo

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    PYARK_ Official

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  87. Pass1@inter10


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  88. 5 Minute Craft

    5 Minute Craft

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    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment

  89. Chuhi Lucy

    Chuhi Lucy

    26 일 전

    Ak dam bkwaaaaas kya h ye na koe story na koe logic bus khali pili sardard kar diya sarihue film h ekdam chhi mza ni aaya

    • pawan kumar

      pawan kumar

      25 일 전

      Tumhi ek shi meie bhay baki sab bakchod he movie ke bare me btana chahiye

    • Rajpurohit Gamer

      Rajpurohit Gamer

      26 일 전

      😂 sahi kaha lagata hai faltu ke paise hai inke pass jisse aisi faltu movies bana lete hai

  90. northeast boy

    northeast boy

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    Movie kaisa hai koi batayega 😕😕like k beeg magna choro

  91. Chhora UP 57

    Chhora UP 57

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    I love you like 999 ?@@@

  92. F tv

    F tv

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    Anil Kumar Vines

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    वो कौनसा दिन आयेगा जब सभी लोग हमारी बहुत मेहनत से बनाई गई comedy video को देखेगे और SHARE करेंगे और हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करेंगे |😭😭😭😭 Please All friends support us 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️🔥

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    Mandeep kj.

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    Tadaka return movie upload kro kya Bkwas movie ko upload kr rahe ho😡🤬😡



    26 일 전

    After a long time ❤️

  96. Sourabh Raja

    Sourabh Raja

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    New movie upload goldmines telefilms

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    Waiting for New movie ❤️🥰

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    Deepika Lama

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    From nepal

    • Ghanshu gaur

      Ghanshu gaur

      26 일 전

      Hello mirs nepal

    • Binod Chauhan

      Binod Chauhan

      26 일 전

      same here



    26 일 전

    Please upload alla baikunthapuramola

  100. Deep Tapader

    Deep Tapader

    26 일 전

    Kara banai ei sob movie?worst movie i have ever seen..

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